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WICへの参加が危ぶまれた ZEPTO が2008年不参加の Athleticum メンバーを加えた新チームメンバーを発表。また、World Inline Center から Luca Presti (BontHyper) が加入する SpiroTiger チームが発表されました。ただ、World Inline Center の方針は WIC よりもスイス国内の SIC (Swiss Inline Cup) 重視です。

Hi Skaters,

Wayne will race for the Spirotiger World Inline Center team in the 2008 WIC, with Fellow Kiwi Ben Alchin, Italians Luca Presti & Giovanni Conte & Wic newcomer Phillipe Gutierezz from Colombia.

Bill Begg
Bont Skates Message Board and News: WIC update
Inline Skating Notebook: WIC Teams in 2008

Spirotiger World Inline Center

Luca Presti
33. WIC (BontHyper)

Wayne Begg
18. WIC (WICBont)

Giovanni Conte
36. WIC (WICBont)

Ben Alchin
21. WIC (SpiroTiger)

Phillipe Guiterrez

World Inilnecenter News

Jan. 24, 2008
The top team from inline Center, World Inilnecenter Spiro tiger, is well known. As the "Star" was Luca Presti, multiple world champion and top sprinter obliged. Next on the team are Ben Alchin as a super all-rounder, Giovanni Conte, the Italians wieselflinke, Wayne Begg, who repeatedly super results and Juan Felipe Guitirrez a young Colombian Newcommer, which certainly makes for surprises. The team consists mainly the Swiss Inline Cup on the big goal.
World Inlinecenter Schindellegi: News

ZEPTO Skate Team

Nico Wieduwilt
36. WIC (Zepto)

Matthias Schwierz
83. WIC (Zepto)

Reyon Kay
11. WIC (Athleticum)

Scott Arlidge
23. WIC (Athleticum)

Jan van Loon
85. WIC (PowerPlay)
ZEPTO Skate Team: Pressemitteilung des ZEPTO Skate Teams (Translated in English by Babel Fish)
Matthias Schwierz Blog: ZEPTO Skate Team gibt seinen Kader für die Saison 2008 bekannt

ZEPTO World Cup team begins with intense material tests

Nico Wieduwilt in Florida, Scott Arlidge and Reyon Kay in Colombia
(Feb. 14, 2008)
Today, all World Cup drivers, the brand material of the Company BONT. Alexander Bont has the custom VAYPOR 3D in ZEPTO design by air fright to Germany and New Zealand.

The 2008 VAYPOR 3D model was fundamentally revised in the winter. There are some innovations in the area of the lock system has been implemented. Christian Domscheit, this new system over the entire 2007 season intensively tested. The two additional Velcro closures and the newly-developed upper closure of the shoe can still variable.

2008 VAYPOR for Team ZEPTO

Due to the expected conversion of all riders on the larger 110 mm roles is the shoe already on the 110mm BONT S-Frame. But it is still possible a 100 m track to assemble.

For Scott and Reyon it was important that you can rely on the new "set up" accustomed. The two new additions to fly tomorrow from New Zealand to Colombia for 10 days in a training camp. There are also a first race completed and the new material test.

2008 Team ZEPTO

Particularly curious was the team on the new "G4 High Roller" wheels of BONT. The completely newly developed and manufactured in the United States wheel is a very good first impression. When assembled, we just noticed that the ball bearings perfectly in the white nylon core fit. The entire process is in line with the high expectations.

The designation G4 is an acronym for "Generation 4" and will express that this is the fourth generation of Urethane (polyurethane) specifically for this inline skating wheels has been developed.
ZEPTO Skate Team: ZEPTO Weltcupteam beginnt mit intensiven Materialtests (Translated in English by Babel Fish)

Andrew's Speed Skating Blog: Zepto 2008 World Cup Team

Swiss Inline Cup

Cooperation with the Swiss Association of Rollersports (Rollersport Suisse RSS)
Iguana and the RSS have agreed on a long-term cooperation for the organization of the SIC. RSS will assume operational management of the sports aspects of all SIC/WIC events in Switzerland organized by Iguana. Iguana aims to achieve two goals with this:
  1. To secure high-level and independent, professional know-how in the areas of competition
    routing, safety and race management.
  2. To strengthen Inline sports in Switzerland in general through the active involvement of the national rollersports Association and regional associations/clubs in the planning and implementation of our events, with a joint emphasis on amateur sport, encouraging young talent and to provide great skating experience. In addition to covering the necessary operational costs, Iguana will provide the Association with a sound contribution to cover its event administration.. We are convinced that this
    move will contribute substantially towards a further strengthening of the Inline movement in Switzerland, particularly for recreational athletes and young talent.

Calendar of events 2008

SIC Calender
Updated: April 2008

A provisional events calendar for the 2008 season was agreed at the data coordination meeting of the Swiss Association of Rollersports in its meeting of 21 November. It can be downloaded from A certain number of details still need to be clarified. However, as of today, we can assume that SIC 2008 will be even more attractive than SIC 2007.

The Iguana website aims at becoming a central information platform covering as many of Europe’s major Inline events as possible.
SIC Calender
Iguana Think Tank AG: Swiss Inline Cup and News Letter 1, 2(PDF)


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