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Blog daiskating に未発表の BONT 3 Point S-Frame7 のデザインが載っていました。チョッと見 Solvein と似てますが、よりシンプルな感じがします。寸評として「Bontの3ポイントマウンティング用フレームに、新しいモデルが登場します。名前はSフレーム7.名前の由来は、素材が7005アルミだからではないでしょうか?マグネシウムに比べて、重量はありそうですが、硬そうです。」と書いてありました。

The BONT New S-Frame7 for 3 Point is coming soon. This 7005 Aluminum Frame length of 4X100mm is 13.0inch and 4X110mm Frame is 13.2inch. They said that it will be available in Spring of 2008.

Blog: Daiskating: S-Frame7

New S-Frame

BONT S-Frame7
BONT S-Frame7
by Alx BONT (Jul. 1, 2008)
Here is a sneak peak of the frame, although we were unable to print the gradient so the graphics will change a bit.

The next 3 point frame to be released will be the S-frame7. It will be a super stiff 3 point frame made from Aluminum. It will also be available in 1100 (3x110 and 1x100).

New Frames

by Bill Begg (Jul. 1, 2008)
Hi Skaters,

The new Ptototype frames have been fully tested & already won WIC races, those who have tried them, its the reduced length thats the big advantage they have found over the 4 x 100, it seems for a lot of skaters with smaller feet that the 12.8 or 12.9 size frame length is far more suitable.

On the track for sureits an advantage as you view a lot of top men even resorting to this 3 x 110 & 1 x 100 arrangement.

If you have to go a lot lower you would have toprobably change the boot configuration where as at present they will fit in with the standard spacing, to give those with boots a wide variation of plates.

But note the 11.92 4 x 100 plate, ( Minimum Size plate for 4 x 100 ) as worn by Nicole Begg will not take these size plates, as the spacing of the blocks is different ) but any of the boots for the 12.5 inch plates up will.

Like allproducts they need race tested to prove their worth, we started with the first 3 point in the St. Gallen Inline 111 race 3 years ago,in which the prototype plates won the Altnau sprint, 2 years later they won the 111 km race.

The first big race for the new prototype 3 x 110 & 1 x100 they were 1st & 3rd in Zurich WIC.
Bont Skates Message Board and News: New S-Frame

2009 S-frame7

by Alexander Bont (Oct. 22, 2008)
The Sframe7 is a super stiff 3 point Aluminum frame. The aluminum with the S shaped extrusion and Bont's 3 point boot combine to make the stiffest setup on the market. Perfect for track skating or heavy skaters. Even though we have beefed up the material, the frame is still one of the lightest on the market.

Lengths: 4 x 100mm 13" (1004), 4 x 110mm (1104), 3 x 110mm and 1 x 100mm (1100)
Material: 7000 AL
Boot Mounting: 3 Point
Axle Material: 7075 T6
Deck Height: Front 33.5 Rear 33.5 (center axle to top of frame)
Weight: 1004 193g, 1100 179g, 1104 198g
Price: $299
Bont Skates Message Board and News: 2009 S-frame7

S-frame7 : 4 x 105mm frames are coming

by Alexander Bont (Oct. 12, 2009)
S-Frame 7
4 x 105mm 12.8" (1054)
Coming December 10
100 sets only
Pre-order now!
Bont Skates Message Board and News: S-frame7 4 x 105mm frames are coming

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