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画像BONT が2007年からレザースキャナーを使ってカスタムブーツの3Dの足型を取るとアナウンスしてから、ほぼ1年経ちましたが・・・スキャナーが高価過ぎたのか普及している気配を感じません。WORLD INLINECENTER のホームページにこのシステムを紹介する動画がアップされていたので掲載しようと、BONTのログを辿っていったら・・・スレッドが古過ぎてサーバーから自動消滅してました。

スキャナーの概観は骨密度計測する器械みたいですネ。確かに便利だと思いますが、3万ドル投資出来るほど資金力がある会社は少ないし販売予測をすると、まだ時期相承って事でしょうか、BONT 本家のホームページには、これまで通りの足型を取る方法が載ってました。

One year has passed since it was notified of the 3D Scanning System. Have you seen the BONT 3D Scanner in your country? It's maybe not good price for dealers though good system to the customers. However, I expect that the scanner will come to Japan someday.

BONT 3D Scanning System


Bont Pioneers 3D Laser Foot Scanning

Updated: October 25, 2006
Many people think making custom boots is easy. You just make a mould of the foot and then build the boot around it. But it is a lot more complicated than that. A speed boot only has 3-5mm of padding and skaters want the boots to be tight. So once we make the skaters’ foot mould, we need to carefully sand off some of the fleshy parts of the foot to give the skater a snug fit. It takes years of practice to know how much flesh to shave off the foot for different shapes and sizes of feet.

BONT 3D ScanningBONT 3D Scanning

BONT 3D ScanningEight years ago when I was working for my father, I came to the realization that one day it would be me who has to spend four hours a day sanding feet casts to make custom boots rather than my father. I began working on a variety of ways to make custom boots without the need for sanding. One of the first things I tried was 3D laser foot scanning. A local company in Sydney was pioneering the new technology. Everything was great, but the system needed three $30,000 scanners. The units were huge and there was no way you could fit them in a typical skate shop. I was about 8 years ahead of my time. Nevertheless, I perused the technology as I had read in a trade publication that Footlocker was also trialing this technology and I thought that one day skaters may be able to go to footlocker and scan their feet and send them to us. Footlocker never did get 3D scanners but in the past 12 months, the price and size of scanners has come down to a price that is affordable, and a size that will fit in skate shops. It doesn’t matter if the foot is cast with a molding sock, alginate or a 3D scanner, the manufacturer still needs years of experience to know which part of the foot’s flesh needs to be removed before the boot is made.

Earlier this year I headed off to Taiwan to see the research they had been doing there in this field and I decided that 3D foot scanning was finally ready for the world of speed skates. We picked up our research from where I had left off and began making samples once again. We realized that we would need a new factory to accommodate the new machinery associated with manufacturing the lasts and we have just completed it. Bont will move into the new factory in November 2006 with production commencing in January 2007.

Kind Regards,

Alexander Bont
Marketing Manager
Bont International
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