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BONT G4今秋一時期、BONT Wayv と検索してNotebookにアクセスする件数がありました。 そして一部で BONT G4 Dual Durometer Wheels made in USA is coming 2008 と言われています。早くも に BONT G4 の告知が swf で小さく出ました。2008年春のBONTブランド110mmレーシングウィール販売開始は疑う余地が無さそうです。

They said that BONT G4 Dual Durometer Wheels made in USA is coming in an early 2008. The Price of G4 100mm is per wheel starting at US$15.00- and the pack of 8 is cost US$120.00-.

BONT G4 Wheel

The Wayv is a fantastic concept. I piece, solid core, with flex and light weight. But to make it work we need to do more development with a cost that would be many tens of thousands of dollars to keep changing the tool to find a material that would be stiff yet non brittle. I loaded a short video of the Wayv here: click here Unfortunately there are not enough skaters in the world to buy the wheel to make it worthwhile for such an extreme concept.

BONT G4However, the good news is that we are not far from the new wheel that we began immediately after we ceased production of the Wayv. It has been more than a year of testing and it will be ready for the new season with a totally different concept.

We are continually working on new formulas. The G3 formula was a really great compound. Everyone likes it on the cragar and wayv hubs, but the hubs had issues. G4 may be around the corner. We are doing a lot of testing atm.

alx (Posted: Sep. 6, 2007)
Bont Skates Message Board and News: 125mm Bont concept frame

NEW Bont G4 Race Wheels

It is with great pleasure that I announce the new Bont Generation4 dual durometer race wheel. There is a lot of information to take in about this wheel, so please go to and have a read through it. We will be providing a range of wheels to cater for every race surface in the world from slippery banked tracks to asphalt. We spent weeks with the track builders watching them build the tracks and learning about the different layers of construction and how they vary in different countries to specially formulate a wheel for each surface. Each surface requires a different amount of flex so we developed a combination of tools to allow us to vary the flex between our range of wheels. This includes a flex band and a hinge point where we choose where the hub flexes.
  • Production of the G3 110's without flexband will be ready this week. The flexband for the 110mm Highroller and Crossovers is taking a little longer than planned and will be a little longer. (Mar. 25, 2008)
  • The only 110mm are the G3 at present. G4 110mm will launch at the end of the month. (Apr. 22, 2008)
    • Availability

    • Highroller (Road)
    • Crossover (Euro and South American Track)
    • Magic Molta (Asian Track Wheel)

    • The 110mm wheels will be available late February.
    BONT G4 Dual Durometer Wheels
    More info on each wheel and when to use them:
    The Highroller is made for absolute speed. It has a huge amount of rebound, with a super hard and ultra high rebound flex band. The grip of this wheel is on the low side in order to decrease rolling resistance and live up to its name ®HighRoller. The ride is not excessively bumpy because the hub has quite a lot of flex. The Prologue wheel is 84A but the final race wheel will be bumped up a tad to 85A.

    BONT G4 HighRoller

    If you want some more grip, you can mix in some Crossover wheels. The crossover is half way between the super sticky Magic Molta and the High Roller. We kept the urethane at 85A but used a much softer flex band. This added flex increases the amount of wheel (or footprint) on the road or track and increases grip.

    The Magic Molta wheel sticks like magic to bumpy tracks. If you are on a European or South American track and you feel like you want some more grip, you can mix some of there wheels in to add the grip as needed. Most skaters would run the 2 hardest wheels front and back and add the grippy wheels front and back. Again, the urethane is still hard for increased roll and the rebound is still the highest on the market amongst track wheels. The grip is gained more from the hub and the flex band than by decreasing the hardness of the urethane.

    Rain wheels and wheels for concrete top coatings still to come.



    This wheel is designed for maximum roll. The internal flex band is super stiff and the urethane has been formulated for very low rolling resistance. This is the fastest wheel money can buy. Use this wheel on dry outdoor road or concrete surfaces or for track use you can mix some in if you need more speed.
    HIGHROLLER 100mm

    Magic Molta

    Normally, to increase grip you would need to go to a softer urethane compound and sacrifice speed. Not so wuth this wheel. Instead of using a softer urethane we use a softer flex band and keep the urethane hardness high. This allows the wheels to flex more, laying down more urethane in the corners for grip, abd the hard urethane lets you maintain very high speeds without feeling bogged down. The Magic Molta wheel has been designed specifically for slippery and bumpy bank track such as those found in Korea. The Magic Molta wheel uses the most flexible internal flex band in the range.


    The Crossover is a cross between the Highroller and Molta. It uses a medium stiff flex band which is perfect for when you want a super fast wheel but a tad more grip such as European and South American banked tracks. The cross over is a very versatile wheel thet can be used on the road for more grip or a softer ride.
    CROSSOVER 100mm

    Bont G4 Mint

    BONT Wheel will release a new 85A 110mm wheel for Incheon. It will be a super high rebounding wheel for slightly rougher roads than the Red 86A. This mint wheel will also be available in 100mm in a few weeks. (Jun. 10, 2008)
    Bont G4 Mint



    Bont Skates Message Board and News: NEW Bont G4 Race Wheels
    SkateLog Forum: Bont's New G4 Race Wheels, Initial review on the Bont G4 wheel BONT G4 HIGH ROLLER


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