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DIABLO .4毎年、色々なデザイン、素材のフレームが出てきますが耐久性・安全性など国際的な基準があるのでしょうか?製造工程にしろ、使用方法にしろトラブルが起きたとしても表面に出てくる事は少ないようです。フレームのビスが緩んでズレても困るのに、ましてフレームが壊れるほど危険な事はありません。今週、オランダで開催されたレース中にカーボン製のフレーム DIABLO .4 が壊れ、その写真がアップされました。4番ウィールが無くなっています。これは Eddy さんの Xenan が壊れた時よりヒドイ状態です。

New frame "DIABLO .4"of the EO Skate was broken at the EK Skeeleren Kadetten en Junioren Heerde Games held in Netherlands . This photos updated on the site of Skeeler Schaats foto's. And Rollerblade Pro-Fuel is good but very fragile Frame. I don't know why and how to be broken like this. Please be careful.

The Heerde EK Junior 1st day in Hooland

The skater may be Lucie Peruzetto (Junior French) with white bandage on right knee.
Skeeler Schaats foto's: Heerde EK Jeugd dag 1 weg afval (Jul. 11th 2007)
According to the forum of

If the photos were taken in the track of Europe championship, then it is about Lucie Peruzetto (junior, France). It is not besides the first EO blade that it breaks, and already knew a few other seeds with this product this year, generally at the time of falls...

The initial cause is not the fall of Lucie, there was a fall in front of her, she jumped over the skater to ground and its turntable broke with the reception. In other words it is the platinum rupture which then caused the fall of Lucie and not the reverse.

FIC 4 - Goëlo Roller Nature 2007

これは興味深い写真です。壊れた部分を見てみると・・・裂け目が白い。思うにEOのフレームはグラスファイバーをカーボンでサンドイッチしたモノではないでしょうか、それもカーボンが薄くて強度が足りていないようです。これではカーボン製とは言え無いでしょう。カーボン100%の Korean Monobloc Carbon Frame を見習って欲しいですネ。
FIC 4 - Goëlo Roller Nature 2007 (May 28th 2007) Diabo .4 + Mariani + Roll'X 4x104mm (Jul. 12, 2007)

Platines carbones : fragiles ?

by Rota (May 2, 2010)
Perhaps a bit anyway!
I had a fall front. I went completely on the front and I slipped 5-6 m on my wrist protectors (glad that I had elsewhere).

These 5-6m were done on both front wheels and on the wrists.
Obviously with a little twist of my two turntables that did not loved!

Well, I spell my triple X rescue ....
Forum de roller en ligne .com: Platines carbones : fragiles ?
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Rollerblade Pro-Fuel Frame Platines Rollerblade Pro Fuel fissurée (Nov. 5, 2006)
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Diabolik 4x100 Frame

by cpt_caverne (Sep, 28, 2009)
Well I take this post, since I am also looking for a new deck ...
3 midribs that sauteed ... Since it's been a long time that I had not hit I've realized later and noise ... (probably not easy to bear the 6h of insa and his game "rolling"). So now I hesitate between 4x110mm rise 100 or 3x110 ...
Forum de roller en ligne .com:
need to buy a new deck ...

Friends crack

by OffTheEdge (Mar. 17, 2010)
I was gonna sell these for a friend of mine but noticed a crack in his frame. Is this common? I'm not a big in-liner so I don't see cracked frames. Just curious what caused this? Let me go ahead and say, he is a little older than me, 46 ish not over weight and not hard on his skates and does not compete. Just thought I would share.
This frame is also about 3 yrs old and is a 1st Gen frame. Maybe 10-12 problems have been brought to my attention. I am currently on Gen4 and have had NO BREAKAGES from Gen3 and 2-3 from Gen2 (maybe). This is out of the 1500 or so produced by me in the last few years on a part-time basis. I also have had ZERO failues from 2 1/2 years worth of VANQUISHES as well.
LSR frames have a track record of 2nd to none when I comes to reliability.
SkateLog Forum:
Friends crack


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