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BONT Korea から Alpha の写真が公開されました。これは以前に Semi-Race と同レベルの90mmモデルとして紹介した BONT Race PURE 90mm かと推測されますが、定かではありません。韓国語が読めませんので説明は省きます、とりあえず画質が良くありませんが写真だけでも見てください。90mmのフレームはヒールブレーキを取り付ける為の穴があいているようです。

The Alpha is Bont's first adult rec skate. It is tricked out with all the features you would expect from a $1000+ skate like Carbon composite base, Super Mold Technology, Hyper Stripe 90mm 85A Race wheels, 6000 series extruded aluminum frame, 7000 series machined one piece axles and spacers, heat moldable tongue and memory foam. Utilizing Bonts' Super Mold Technology, the skate doesn't need to use a molded plastic cuff or thick bulky padding. This means the skate is a lot lighter and the performance level is a lot higher than what you are used to in a typical rec skate. Prices start at just $235. ($250 for the skate pictured).

The Skate features Bont's patent pending 3 point skate. The ultra stiff base offers skaters a higher level of turning because there is no flex whatsoever. The Alpha is the only one piece rec skate on the market. The skate is also lower to the ground than most rec skates because the mounting is in between the wheels instead of on top of them.

A Brake is optional. Price $25.

Extruded 6000 series aluminum brake housing with 7075 Axles.

Available Now

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