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The 195mm version will fit perfectly with the new Magnesium Sniper EV0IV due for release in May.

They will stock 4 lengths of EVO4 Sniper

Bont Magnesium Frames

(Dec. 10, 2009)
The cost of our magnesium frames has increased to the point where they are no longer economically viable to produce. The retail price for any new orders would be higher than most people are willing to pay for them. So, once the current frames are sold out, all 3pt frames will be replaced with the new Aluminum S-frame7. The Sniper will also be discontinued once sold out so if you want a set, please be quick.

This is how many frames are left in stock: (at Dec. 13, 2009)
  • Mg s-frame 13.2" 110mm 65 sets
  • MG Sniper EVO4 13.0” 100mm 32 sets
  • MG Sniper EVO4 13.2 110mm 72 sets

by Alexander Bont (Feb. 19, 2010)
Bont is not continuing with our magnesium frames after they have sold out. The raw material price has increased and at present we are selling them at close to cost price. The Keronite coating works a treat. We only had a few issues with the very first frames but then we haven't had any problems with scratches for the past 2 years. The problem is the amount of money that skaters are willing to pay in a small sport. If we increase the price to the standard margins in the industry, the frames will be well over $500 a set and out of the price bracket that most skaters are willing to pay for frames.

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やっとと言うべきでしょう、立ち消えだったBONT Sniper EV0-4 Magnesium 195mm フレームが出ます。

BONT Sniper EV0-4 Magnesium Frame for 195mm 2 point skates

1004 (100mmX4 or 104mmX4) and 1104 (110mmX4) 13.20" and 12.80" Frames will be available in a week

Bont Sniper Evo4 - Magnesium

I am pleased to announce the all new 2008 Bont 2 point Sniper Evo 4 Magnesium

The new Sniper is the 4th evolution of the very popular patented no void frame. This new frame is the first sniper made from magnesium. Bont has been very successful making magnesium frames since 2005.

The frame weight will be 165 grams for the 4 x 100mm and 173 grams for the 4 x 110mm. These will be the only 2 sizes at present. The 100mm frame can fit 104mm wheels with wedged between the frame and boot. The frame is very stiff.

  • Lengths: 13", 13.2"
  • Wheel Size: 100mm-110mm
  • Material: Military Strength Magnesium
  • Boot Mounting: 2 Point
  • Axle Material: 7075 T6
  • Front Deck Height: 100mm 48.5mm /110mm 54.5mm.
  • Rear Deck Height: 100mm 59mm /110mm 64.5 mm
  • Weight: 165-173 grams
  • Made: in Holland
  • Price: $399
  • BONT: Sniper
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    Vayper 2008 setting up with Evo4 Frame and G4 Wheels

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    BONT Frame Chart


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