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VAYPOR・・・真打登場です。BONTから出る情報が小出だった結果として、2007年ブーツをまとめて一括でUPすることが出来ませんでした。VAYPOR / APACHE / JET の3点を見比べにくいと思いますが、「松・竹・梅」とそれぞれブーツ価格が2倍づつ違うので購入で迷うことは少ないと思います。なお、フレーム12.80"と 13.00"の場合、オプションで2.5mm ピッチも発売開始になるので自分に適したフレームをセッティングすることが可能です。

Sandwich cross weave carbon and uni-directional carbon construction embedded with epoxy thermo setting resin combine to make the base. The fibers are hand laid in the matrix according to the strain they will have to bear. Super Mold Technology allows you to obtain a custom fit from a stock boot. Patent outer, with black micro fiber lining. Micro adjustable buckle and lace cover. The 3 point base is the strongest base in the world due to its extreme curvatures and long mounting blocks. The frame that comes with the package is the world’s lightest frame, the patented 3 point S-Frame. The S-Frame is made from 93% pure magnesium and depending on the length it can weigh as little as 90 grams. The Wheels are Hyper Stripe 100mm, 85A professional racing wheels, and the bearings are Jesa Swiss 608 steel bearings.

The Vaypor is all carbon, the Apache is a carbon fiberglass composite. The Vaypor has a lighter thermoplastic. So the boot is stronger and lighter than the Apache.

Changes from 2006: The new vaypor has a lot less panels making it lighter. A new lighter Super Mold Thermo plastic and memory foam has been added to the model. The boot is based on our 2007 last and the Vaypor also has small extra tendon grip padding in the heal so your heal is held in tight. The innersole is molded to the last and can me remolded to your feet as too can the tongue.

3D VAYPOR (Color: Colombia Red, Pich: 7mm)

The 2007 Vaypor is the Official Race Boot of Team Bont International.
  • 100% Carbon base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Microfiber liner
  • Micro adjustable buckle
  • Hand made 1 piece all carbon construction
  • Super Mold Technology
  • EVA Innersole
  • Heat Moldable Tongue
  • Velcro tongue holder
  • TPU toe protector
  • Colored Waxed Laces
  • Lace cover
  • Availability: March 2007
    Setup: 3 point, 165mm, 195mm
    Weight: 340 grams in 3 point (.size 6)
    Price: $899 in the USA, for other regions, check with your local supplier.

    A complete Vypor is sold with the Magnesium S-frame but it has cheaper Aluminum S-frame for Jet.
    Price: US$1,149 (with Magnesium S-frame, Jesa Swiss 608 bearings, and Hyper Stripe 100mm 85A wheels)
    The Magnesium frame 12.80" that it attaches to will is 110 grams. (11.92" is 90g)
    Total 465 grams for the set with wheels and bearings.

    The boot comes in 5 colors: Presti White, Colombia Red, Zepto Yellow, Duggento Blue and Begg Pink.
    Vaypor BlueVaypor Pink
    Vaypor WhiteVaypor Yellow
    Vypor Back
    alx (Posted: Feb. 02, 2007)
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    2007 Vaypor
    2007 Vaypor

    The Storm will be replaced with the Vaypor LT.

    The Pure samples are not yet ready. Probably 1st week in March.

    dangfast we did have some problems with the early 3D Vaypors with the material ripping. It had something to do with them being in the sun making the material go brittle. Bu the problem was fixed as soon as we knew about it. The 2007 material is similar to leather, it has a lot more stretch and the shiny coating is just a thin yet tough outer print. The material is 0.3mm thicker than the 3D yet still the same weight.

    skatefreak173 sorry no names on the boot this year, but I am working on a process for next year.

    The Sniper will also come in 3 x 100mm and 1 x 90mm for the 165mm separation.

    Zepto team boots are half finished. Just waiting for the outer skins. Probably first week in March.

    alx (posted: Feb. 08, 2007)
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    2007 BONT Brochure: Download PDF Catalog (3.8MB)

    The Dark Vaypor

    The Dark Vaypor
    Introducing the black Vaypor made with 100% genuine Australian leather. The best selling Vaypor of all time is now available with a soft black outer skin.

    Prices are:
    3pt boot only: US$909
    2pt boot only: US$859
    3pt package (Mg S-frame, Hyper stripe 100mm 85A, Jesa 608 Steel): $1,159

    Available in 165, 195mm, 3point.

    On Sale Now.

    alx (Posted: Jun. 14, 2007)
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