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2007年 BONT のニューブーツ JET の写真が公開されました。やはり実物はカタログで見たデザイン画と似ていると言っても、その印象が大きく違います。エントリーモデルで価格$219.00-、ブーツのフレームマウントは3ポイント、165mm、195mmと3種用意されているそうです。

Bont JET
Jet $475 (with the Aluminum S-Frame)
New Entry Level 3 Point Boot

This new model is a comfortable, long lasting racing boot, constructed with Bont’s 1 piece construction technique. The boot has anti stretch tapes that ensure the boot does not stretch over time. The carbon and fiberglass is hand laid around the memory foam ensuring a very light weight and strong construction and the boot is made with epoxy resin. This boot is fully heat moldable and has been designed on a new tighter fitting last in the heal area.

Apart from the Super Mold Technology which makes this boot the most heat moldable on the market, we have also incorporated a heat moldable tongue and heat moldable foot bed. Velcro holds the tongue in place so it can’t slide down your foot.

alx ((Posted: Jan. 1, 2007)
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Bont JET
Bont JETBont JET
Bont JETBont JETBont JET
No custom for the entry level model, but everything is heat mouldable.
  • Carbon composite base
  • Epoxy resin
  • Microfiber liner
  • Micro adjustable buckle
  • Hand made 1 piece construction
  • Super Mold Technology
  • EVA innersole
  • Heat moldable tongue
  • Velcro tongue holder
  • TPU toe protector
  • Lace cover
  • Availability: March 2007
    Setup: 3 point, 165mm, 195mm
    Price: $219 in the USA, for other regions, check with your local supplier.

    Bont JET with S-Frame
    Price: $475. (with Hyper Stripe 100mm 85A wheels, 3 point Aluminum S-frame and ABEC 7 bearings.)
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    JET(ジェット)はボント伝統の one piece 製法で作られ、耐久性が抜群で履き心地の良い優れたブーツです。それにブーツベースに使われたアンチストレッチテープ(anti stretch tapes)は長期間を経てもブーツの型崩れを起こさず、元々の形状を持続する機能を有します。ボント新工場で、カーボンとファイバーガラスを手作業で1枚づつ重ねる作業をして軽くて丈夫なベースを作っています。ジェットに使われたメモリーフォームと完璧な成形性を誇るボントの SMT(Super Mold Technolody) 工法で個人の足型と特徴に対応した快適なブーツを期待できます。また、靴の舌(Tongue)とカルチァングも熱誠型が可能なので, 既成靴でもカスタムをはいたような着心地を得ることができます。レースカバーとタンはベルクロシステムで繋がれていて走行の中にタンが不用意に動くことを防止します。

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    How much do the new Jets weigh...

    Jet (size 42)

    Tools used:
    Ohaus electronic scale (for parts)
    Ohaus "Dial-o-gram" beam balance (for skates)

    Jets (w/ bolts) = 512.8g (bolts =12.80g) [Jet was bang on 500g]

    Al Frame - 12.8in (w/ axles) = 180.84g (w/out 167.02g)
    - axle ave. = 3.46g
    [Bont shop lists "Weight approximately 160g" -- I assume this is for the 11.92in]

    Hyper Stripes - 100mm wheels
    -(w/Bont 608 ABEC 7 Bearings) ~ 161.66g mean ave. (varied between a high of 161.79g to a low of 161.45g, mode ave. 161.7g)
    - Wheel only (w/out bearings and spacers) = 136.83g to 136.88g (official weight is 136g I believe)
    - Spacer = 1.99g to 2.02g
    - Bearings = 11.37g to 11.47g (quite variable, seem to be the big difference in total wheel weight)

    Total weight of all components = 1327.49g
    = 2.93 lbs
    = 46.83 oz
    = 0.21 stone
    = 11.7 quarter pounders from MickeyD

    (vs 1999/98 Bont Boxer, K2 frames, Bont 84mm wheels [used] =1,359.5g)
    Bont Skates Message Board and News: How much do the new Jets weigh...


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