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BONTがカスタムはオーストラリアに残し、他は中国に工場を移転すると言う話が出ていたので、何か出るとは思っていましたが3ポイントの廉価版カーボンスケート Semi-Race を販売するそうです。価格は100mmのコンプリートで US$399.00-、90mmはUS$379.00- です。これを脅威に感じるメーカーは少なくないと思います。正直、とんでもなく安い!って感じがしますが・・・K2,RBの上位スピード系モデルより優れていたりすると、もーエライ事になりますネ。

BONT Semi-Race 100mm

BONT Semi-Race Skates
Semi-Race $399
Boots: Carbon Composite Skate with 6mm padding, and a thicker foot bed
Frame: 4X100mm, 6061 Aluminium, 174 grams
Length: 12.8”
Mounting: 3 Point
Wheels: Hyper Stripe 100mm Wheels
BONT Race PURE 90mm
BONT Race PURE 90mm
Pure $250

Semi-Race Skate - New Product 2007
In 2007 Bont will produce a new niche skate for a new segment called Semi-Race. The skate is aimed at skaters who want the comfort of a trainer with the performance of a speed skate. The skate will be a carbon composite skate with 3 point mounting. It will come with Hyper Stripe wheels, 6mm padding, and a thicker EVA foot bed. The boot will come with a heat moldable tongue like we used to use in the Capeto model and the boot will incorporate our super mold technology. The tongue will be injection molded as will the foot bed. The frame will be a 12.8” 3 point 6061 aluminum frame which will weigh 174 grams. A new last has been developed specifically for this skate. The boot will be a lot stiffer than other skates in the Trainer market and the stiffness will come from within, so there is no need for an external brace to give the boot stiffness. The complete skate will retail for US$399 and be available from March. There will also be a shorter 90mm version that will retail for $379.

alx (posted Nov. 14, 2006)
Bont Skates Message Board and News: Semi-Race Skate - New Product 2007

We will be opening a new state of the art factory in China primarily for the production of recreational skates and cycle shoes. A number of our Sydney based staff are in China at the moment setting up the new facility.

Bont Skates Message Board and News: bont's move to china?
Inline Skating Notebook: BONT Vaypor 2007 : APACHE 2007 : JET 2007 : Semi-Race : Alpha
Semi-Race に関してAlex氏から少し詳しい解説が追加されています。
BONT Semi-Race Skates
Forward flex was a priority in the design of the skate. As you correctly pointed out, if it doesn’t bend forward it is painful and you can’t get into the skating position. But this skate has been designed so you can race in it, so forward flex is a necessity. To achieve this, we implemented a number of features that we have used over the years such as:

a) Big V’s cut between the two lace covers
b) Nothing covers the flex point
c) The back of the boot is really soft to allow it to bend forward
d) The tongue is narrow at the flex point so it can easily bend
e) We made a new last for the skate that slightly puts your foot in the forward leaning position
f) The boot has 12mm of pitch to help you lean forward

We put a lot of effort into making the boot a as stiff as a racing boot but still allowing forward flex so I hope you will like it.

alx (Posted: Nov. 18, 2006)
また3ポイントの標準ピッチが7mmであるのに対して、 Semi-Race Skatesのピッチを12mmにした理由を上位モデルよりも足首の前傾フレックスが困難なハイカフ仕様のブーツでもあり、標準的フィトネスモデルの12mmにしたと付け加えています。
Trying is will be the best way to tell. 12mm is what you probably already have on the boot you are skating on now. Only on our top race models have we been making them with a 7mm pith for the marathons. A higher pitch is easier to learn on. A 7mm pitch is more comfortable for high speed cruising but it makes it too hard to flex forward as you mentioned in a high cut boot.

alx (Posted: Nov. 19, 2006)

You can upgrade the frames to our Magnesium frame or one of the other 3rd party 3 point frames that will be on the market in 2007.

The aluminium frame will come in 12.8, and you can upgrade it to the magnesium 12.5, 12.8, 13, or 13.2 frames and also the 110mm frame. However, the aluminium frame is already as good as many of the top frames on the market. It is only 173 grams and very stiff.

alx (Posted: Nov. 20, 2006)
SkateLog Forum: Bont's New Semi-Race Skate
Bont Unveils High-tech Marathon Skate
Australian skate maker moves 3-point system to the marathon market
By Robert "Just the Factoids" Burnson
Bont will heat up the marathon market next spring with a new moderately priced line of near racing skates.

The Australian skate maker didn't mention the phrase "marathon skates" in its announcement today. But it's clear that the marathon market is the one it hopes to conquer with its new Semi-Race models (available in March).

The Semi-Race models will have all the usual marathon skate features — higher cuffs, big wheels and extra padding.

But they will look radically different than the current crop of marathon skates, such as Rollerblade's Lightning TF and K2's Radical 100.

The reason: the new skates will be based on Bont's new 3-point mounting system.

Bont introduced the 3-point system earlier this year on its high-end racing skates. The system uses a frame that attaches to the skate at three points, rather than the standard two. This give the skate added stiffness, which means less metal and carbon in its construction, and thus, less weight.

The design also gives the skate a distinctive snub-nosed look, unlike any other skate on the market.

The 3-point system caused a buzz in the racing world this year, although its relatively high price ($660-1400 for complete packages) and incompatibility with other boots and frames limited its acceptance.

But price will be less of a factor with the new Semi-Race models. Bont is setting the price right in line with the current high-end of the marathon category.

The price for the 100mm Semi-Race (complete) will be $399 (US), Bont says. The price for the 90mm model will be $379.

That means that for about the same price as Rollerblade's top-of-the-line 2007 Marathon Carbon TF, skaters will be able to sample Bont's new 3-point technology.

This will no doubt be attractive to some skaters. For many of them, the decision will then come down to comfort and availability.

Bont's marketing director, Alexander Bont, said the Semi-Race boot will be "a lot stiffer" than other marathon skates. Most current marathon skates use a semi-soft boot design (although Rollerblade will return to carbon next year with its Marathon Carbon series.)

It's not yet clear where skaters will be able to buy the new skates. Typically, Bont skates are sold directly by Bont or from online racing shops. But if Bont hopes to make inroads in the marathon market, it may have plans for widening its distribution network.
(Posted: Nov. 14, 2006)

Inline Planet: Bont Unveils High-tech Marathon Skate


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