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 Nicole Begg's S-Frame

BONT said "BONT Australian factory will move to the new one in this October. Then they don't work new custom boots till January 2007." (from KAZAX Bont Shop in Japan.)
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Anyang World Roller Speed Skating Championships 2006 で Nicole Begg が使った改良フレームとはデザイン画のフォルムが違うようです。
 S-Frame for Nicole Begg in Anyang
Nicole Begg have raced with new 1004 S-Frames, 11.92inchs and weight 84g in 2006 World Speed Skating Championships.
S-Frame 07 Feedback
Based on skaters feedback over the season we are planning on having a new extrusion and making some improvements for the 2007 S-frame. Each size frame will be approximately 12 grams lighter than the current model. So a 12.8” frame will be 104 grams uncoated or 114grams coated. Small windows have been added to give a tiny bit of vertical flex to the frame. Cut outs have been made in areas of low stress. In picture 3 you can see that metal was added to the outside of the S shape to make the frame printable with graphics.
 S-Frame 2007
 S-Frame 2007  S-Frame 2007
On the computer, the frame works beautifully. What we would like to know is what is your impression of the look of the frame. Please note that graphics will be added. Your feedback will greatly help us in the development of this concept frame. The frame is stripped to the bone. Any less metal will make the frame too weak and any more will add weight.
The 3 point system allows you to quickly change frames without removing the wheels.
 S-Frame for Nicole Begg in Anyang
alx (Posted Sep. 14, 2006)
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Inline Skating Notebook : BONT S-Frame
BONT Mockups S-Frame 2007 for 3 points
 BONT S-Frame Mockups
 BONT S-Frame Mockups
 BONT S-Frame Mockups
 BONT S-Frame Mockups
Here is a graphic before deciding on the final graphic for the frame.
The 2007 frames will be released in March.

The S-frame will be lighter and stronger than the 06 model, with new graphics and better coating.

The coating is done with a process called Keronite. It is a few hundred percent stronger than anodizing. We have done a lot of salt water testing with the 2006 v 2007 frames. Another advantage of the new coating is that it adds less than 1gram to the weight. We will also add windows in the frame to give a little more vertical flexibility to the frame. The 13” 1004 frame will weigh a tiny 112 grams. The smaller sizes will be under 100 grams. We will also offer the frames in 13.5” for taller skaters and some of the frames will come with an option for 2.5mm of pitch built into the frame.

alx (Jan. 5, 2007)

Bont Skates Message Board and News: S-Frame 07 Feedback
S-Frame 2007
 BONT S-Frame
Frame Material: Magnesium Alloy (93% Magnesium).
Frame Lengths:
4 x 110mm 13.2
4 x 100mm 13.5・ 13.2・ 13・ 12.8・ 12.5・ 11.92
4 x 100mm with 2.5mm pitch: 12.8・ 13
Made in: Holland
Retail Price: US$299 in the USA, for other regions, check with your local supplier.
Axles: 7075 Aluminum
Available: March

When you pick up the S-frame box you have to shake it to check that the frames are inside, they are that light. At just 110 grams (4 x 100mm 12.8・ they are easily the lightest frame on the market.

Designed in Sydney and manufactured in Holland, the 2007 Space frame has a very special coating called Keronite. Keronite is a surface treatment created by plasma electrolytic oxidation. The Keronite coating process resembles anodizing in that it uses an electric power supply and an electrolyte bath. However, it is significantly different from anodizing in that it produces much harder, thicker layers while using environmentally less harmful alkali electrolytes and a specially modulated AC voltage. The actual surface of the magnesium itself is transformed, creating a tight atomic bond, which gives much stronger adhesion and lighter weight than with an externally applied process, such as powder coating.

The 3 mounting points and low deck height ensure that this is one of the strongest frames on the market. Feedback from customers suggested that they would like a little more vertical flexibility so cutouts were added to the front and rear of the frame. Skaters also asked for a more flexible version with more pitch for the track, so we created a 12.8・and a 13・track version that is less rigid and includes 2.5mm of pitch. We also added a 13.5・version to the lineup for taller and more powerful skaters. The frame uses a totally new extrusion to enable us to strip 14 grams from the frame while maintaining the strength.

The new Space frame had to undergo rigorous computer aided testing before making it to the extrusion stage. Below, you can see that under huge loads, the S-frame shows very little signs of stress. Many frames on the market under this much stress would be in the red zone.

 BONT S-Frame

The frame is easy to put on and take off the boot without the need to remove any wheels. The boot mounting holes, wheel separations, and deck height are all identical to the 2006 frame.

alx (Posted: Feb. 05, 2007)
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