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Apache 3 Point
BONT Apache
S-frame, Jesa 608 Swiss steel bearings, Hyper 100mm 85A wheels.

BONT から 3 point の普及品として Apache が7月からリリースされます。価格はストックで699ドル、カスタムが919ドルとアナウンス。また、このブーツは165mm、195mmの 2 point でも購入可能です。

The Apache is a mid range 3 point excitement machine. The patent black upper looks stunning with embroidered logos. On the inside, long lasting micro fiber wraps around light weight closed cell memory foam padding. The base is a super stiff 3 point carbon composite with dual silver fiberglass layers on the outside which is hand laid with polyester resin. The boot can fit a 11.92” 4 x 100mm frame down to a size 1/33. This boot can be used for professional racing including marathons, indoor, and sprints. It is also available with 2 point mounting in 165mm or 195mm separations for inline and short track. This boot can be custom made or semi custom.

Only available in black for the time being. Available July 1.
 Apache 3 point boots
 Apache 3 point boots
 Apache 3 point boots
Stock Price: $699 and Custom: $919.
Inline Skating Notebook: BONT APACHE 2007
ZX5 3 Point Boots
 Apache 3 point boots
S-frame, Jesa 608 Swiss steel bearings, Hyper 100mm 85A wheels
Bont Skates Message Board and News : New Release - Apache 3 point skate
Pyrotechnics 3 Point Boots
 Pyrotechnics 3 point boots outside
 Pyrotechnics 3 point boots inside
 Pyrotechnics 3 point boots front
Pyrotechnics 3 Point Boots, S-Frame, Bont Swiss Jesa steel 608 bearings, Gyro Mercury 100mm wheels


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