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BONT 3 Point Mounting Vaypor Boots
Blue color BONT Vaypor の写真が公開されました。 フレーム取り付けマウントの穴が各々1つだけって事のようです。見れば、何の説明も要らないでしょう。ただ、ストックブーツを買っても Wayv Wheel の供給がカスタムブーツをオーダーしたユーザに合わせたように、3月中旬とアナウンスされてます。

All Carbon 3pt Vaypor 3D 2006

Boot Weights: 390g including mounting bolts, stock boot (depending on foot size)
 S-frame size chart
Official Weights for the S-Frame
11.92・ 100mm 117grams
12.5・ 100mm 124grams
12.8・ 100mm 128grams
13・ 100mm 129grams
13.2・ 100mm 134grams
13.2・ 110mm 150grams
 3 Point Mounting Vaypor Frequently Asked Questions Vaypor 06 / S-Frame / Wayv Wheel
Colors: Atomic Green, Rampage Red, Arctic Blue, Armor Piercing Silver,
      Love Heart Pink, Real Carbon
Pricing: STOCK $849, CUSTOM $999 (US$)

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OUTRAGIOUS Zepto Team Boots
 OUTRAGIOUS Zepto Team 3 Point Mounting Vaypor

 OUTRAGIOUS Zepto Team 3 Point Mounting Vaypor
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Custom 3pt Vaypor 3D 2006

Here are a few nice pictures of a custom made 3 point Vaypor 3D 2006 edition. For the 2006 model, we match the upper colour with the lace cover colour. So in this case, they are both red. The 3 point boot will only fit the Bont 3 point S-frame

Look closly atthe3rd picture and you will see very large 'V's cut for forward flex. The top strap and lower lace cover work around that large 'V'.

The lace cover is heavily reinforced and is deigned to hold you snug in the boot, it is not just cosmetic.

All Carbon 3pt Vaypor 3D 2006


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2006/02/08 22:51
大方の人は、既存のフレームが使えないので、一応、サイフと相談してから・・・って考えるでしょうが、決心したら Kazax・・・。
2006/02/09 03:06

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