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BONT 3 Mounting Points
BONT 3 Mounting Points Boots ・・・見たかったサイドビュー・・・・ようやくネットに現れました。どーですか?これって想像通り?想像以上?。 正直、私はもっと不格好かと思っていましたが、どーしてなかなか、カッコ良いではありませんか。 潰しの利かないビッグウィール4輪専用のブーツですが、カスタム作りたいかも・・・。
Coming soon, BONT 3 Mounting Points Boots. The combination of the 3 point Vaypor boot, S-frame, and Wayv wheel will make Bont’s skate approximately 300 grams lighter than the 2005 skate. Do you like it ?

The first official picture of the deck height of the new setup
 BONT with S-Frames
would be interesting to see a picture from the side of this new frame/boot...
Side View of the BONT 3 Mounting Points Boots
 3 mounting point Prototype boots
 Wayv 100mm Wheels 3 mounting point Prototype boots specs
Deck Height : 33.5mm
Deck Height from ground : 83.5mm
Seperation : 218mm
Mid mount : 109mm
Weight : 930g (with Wayv 100mm Wheels)

Wayv 100mm Wheels
Polycarbonate hub made in Australia
G3 Urethane made in USA
US$12 each
Pricing : The new setup will still be cheaper than a number of other setups on the market today. The 2006 Vaypor 3 point mounting boot, with magnesium S-frame, 100mm Wayv wheels (Hubs made in Australia, Urethane poured in USA), and Swiss Jesa 608 or 688 bearings will be US$1195. 3 point Boot only $849. S-frame $329. Even though there has been a lot of R&D in these products we have kept the prices low to keep the skate affordable.

Pitch : We have settled on a pitch of 7mm as standard for the 3 point mounting setup. It has been tested on the road, banked track, and indoor. However, you can order any pitch you desire. If you are doing ultra marathons I would definitely recommend 5mm and if you are only doing sprints, 10mm. Original testing as Pokeyman said was 5mm.

Frames : I have asked other manufacturers if they want to produce the 3 point mounting frame but so far they would like to see the concept make sales. We will initially be offering the S-frame in the following sizes: 4W 100mm 11.92'', 4W 100mm 12.5'', 4W 100mm 12.8'', 4W 100mm 13'', and 4W 100mm 13.2''. The S-frame will be extruded in Germany and made in Holland in the same factory as the Sniper.

Wheel spacing : The S-frame wheels will be evenly spaced. That is one of the advantages of placing the mounting exactly between each wheel. Each boot will have different length mountings depending on the frame you choose. You will be able to go up or down in length by one size of frame. Eg. If you have the 13・frame, you will also be able to use the 12.8・frame and the 13.2・frame as there will be small for/aft sliding bolts in the mounting.

Release date : The final extrusion went from Germany to Holland last Friday. All that is left to do is the machining, and a final test for the coating. All going well, they will be on sale late Feb.

BONT : FAQ 2006

Alex on 3 mounting point Prototype boots
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Inline Skating Notebook : BONT 3 mounting points Prototype
Vaypor '06 and Vaypor 3-Point System
By Glenn Koshi
Bont has some new and exciting boots and frames coming out for 2006, some of which can be revealed here, now.

New for '06 Vaypor - redesigned after listening to skaters' demands. The two forefoot straps have been replaced with a lace cover, with an attached buckle strap. A powerstrap will be added to the top of the boot, and custom embroidery will be available on the strap, on custom boots only.

What might be a huge step forward in the 4 x 100mm shootout will be Bont's introduction of the new 3-Point System and S-Frame:

Press release: Bont 3 point mounting system.

In 2006, Bont will release a new 3 point mounting system to overcome problems that have come to light in 2005 with the 190mm and 195mm mounting separation for 100mm skates. The problem is that skaters want their feet to be as low to the ground as possible when they are skating which means the distance between the frame mounting blocks on the boot need to increase in distance to fit between the wheels. When we increase this gap to 195mm, there is the tendency for the carbon fiber base of the boot to flex causing the second wheel to rub on the boot. To solve this problem we can either increase the distance between the wheel and the boot from 1mm to 2mm making the skaters foot higher off the ground, or increase the amount of carbon fiber in the boot. More carbon means the boot will be heavier as the carbon absorbs more resin. Hence the reason we came up with the 3 point system with a lower frame deck height. The lower deck height gives more curves to the carbon boot base. The third mounting point means we can remove carbon from the boot instead of increase it making the boot lighter. The boot will have new lighter weight mounting blocks. The frame now also has more support from the boot so a lighter frame can be made. The new Bont S-frame (Space Frame) prototype weighs just 126 grams. Now that the boot has an extra support we can increase the frame mounting separation past 195mm to the optimal mounting distance for each frame length. Expect to see frames fit perfectly between the wheels with separations longer than 210mm. Bont has applied for a worldwide patent on the 3 point system which covers the boot and the frame. Bont will license the frame technology to other manufacturers. The combination of the 3 point Vaypor boot, S-frame, and Wayv wheel will make Bont's 2006 skate approximately 300 grams lighter than the 2005 skate.

Release date: January/February 2006
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