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BONT Electronic Bearing Cleanerベアリングのメンテナンスも電化の時代?BONTから1個づつベアリングを洗浄する道具が販売されました。使い勝手は良さそうですが、今どき、1個づつ洗うって・・・これもスローライフ?!。

The new Bont electronic bearing cleaner kit is a very easy way to clean your bearings. Simply slip your 688 or 608 bearing onto the cleaner, dip it in your choice of cleaning solution and press the red button. The bearing spins and cleans out all the dirt, oil, and even mild rust.

Available December 19, 2005.
 BONT Electronic Bearing Cleaner  BONT Electronic Bearing Cleaner

The Bearing Cleaner Works Video

Bearing cleaning machine
Bont Skates : Electronic Bearing Cleaner
Laakeripesuri : Bearing Washer

I have been to Finland for joining the FinLine Skate Tour in summer twice. I met Pekka at 2004's. He was bringing his hand made Bearing Washer and used it after skating in the rain. It's very simple and quick to clean 8 bearing at the time either 608 or 688.
 Laakeripesuri Electronic Bearing Washer
Bearing Holder
 Laakeripesuri Electronic Bearing Washer
688 Micro Bearings
 Laakeripesuri Bearing Washer
608 Standard Bearing
Laakeripesuri Bearing Washer
How to Use the Laakeripesuri Bearing Washer
Inline Skating Notebook: New Bearing Cleaner "Laakeripesuri TM"


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