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2006 A2A
25回記念A2Aの開催日が2006年10月1日に決まりました!。参加定員は1200名です。すでに で受け付け開始しています!。とりあえず、希望者は早めにA2A参加の意思表示してください。余裕があれば登録の時に寄付もお願いいたします。

Go to to register.

Click here for a list of registered skaters.  2月1日時点で、参加リスト70人超えました。

A2A News & Announcements
Be Part of History --- October 1, 2006 --- Details coming soon
The a2a looks like it's in good hands for 2006. I got this note about it from one of the organizers, Scott Jones:

We have chosen Sunday, October 1, 2006, as the date for our next event. In deference to the event's history, we will bill this as the 25th Anniversary A2A.

We are still discussing the most appropriate pricing levels, thus we have not yet opened registration. We are having a meeting this coming Monday night to finalize this issue.

I am really touched by the level of support we received after having to announce cancellation of last year's event. As you know, our biggest challenge is the high fixed costs of police and insurance for one of America's longest and most challenging point to point open road courses.

Some of our skaters may be able to contribute a bit more to their entry fee this year to help us defray the costs. We are working on a skater sponsor program to officially recognize those who can contribute more to our event to help us meet the costs.

We will also be asking for volunteers to help with our marketing and sponsorship activities. I would like to be able to put together a committee of volunteers nationwide and internationally with both email and web-based tools. If enough people can put in just an hour or two a week to help us out during the critical times, and if coordination is effective, we should have the support we need for years to come. I am still working on developing this program, and more information will be coming soon. If this program works, it could also become a model for other events, and for growing the skate industry overall.

I am also considering issuing regular updates on the financial status of A2A so we will have better communication with the rest of the skate community. I know of lot of people were caught off guard by last year's cancellation. I hope that better communication this year will drive home how important it will be to register early and participate at any level possible. We will do everything we can, but ultimately the future of our event will depend on the support we receive from the skating community.

Thanks again for your support of A2A. More information will be coming soon, especially after Monday's meeting.

Due to the recent server crash, we have extended the "early bird" registration deadline for A2A 2006 until Tuesday, February 28th. We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to register at the special discount price.

Registration for all distances is only $50 through February 28th. Also, if you register by this date, you may change your distance at any time up to the day before the event at no extra charge.

Register now to save $$$ and join us for this very special 25th Anniversary event!

Online registration:
Printable entry form:

(Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:57 pm)
The Planet Forum : 2006 a2a
Inline Planet : Organizers Push Ahead With Plans for 2006 A2A Road Skate
Georgia International Road Skating Association : the Athens-to-Atlanta
A2A News & Announcements
A2A 2006 - Athens to Atlanta Road Skate - 25th Anniversary

The Athens to Atlanta (A2A) Road Skate is back and this time we're not going to back down. The Georgia International Road Skating Association (GIRSA) is pleased to announce that registration for the 2006 A2A is now open. Go to to register.
The A2A is the world's longest running point-to-point road skating event, now in its unprecedented 25th Anniversary. The first A2A, skated in 1982, was accomplished by 5 quad skaters in approximately 6.5 hours. Starting at downtown Athens and traveling 84 miles through rural Georgia to Piedmont Park in Atlanta. What was said to be impossible was proved to be possible.

Since then, two more routes have been added, to where there is now the: 38 mile Athens to Dacula, 52 mile Dacula to Atlanta, and the grand-daddy skate the 87 mile A2A. In addition, the event begins in Atlanta with the Friday Night Skate through downtown Atlanta and the last 3 miles of the 87 mile course into Piedmont Park. It continues the next day in Athens at the Classic Center for packet pickup and Henry Zuver's pre-skate Rant. And then on Sunday, the 1st of October 2006 the A2A starts. And then ends at the A2A awards ceremony.

And since then thousands of skaters, both quad and inline have skated this event. They have come form 46 different states and more than 20 countries around the world. Some are professional athletes who are in peak physical condition. Most are fitness and recreational athletes who love the adventure of being outdoors on an open road with the wind in their face and sun in their eyes.

And they all skated for a great cause. Themselves. The A2A is both a fun and challenging event. A way to test your skill, courage, and determination. Along the way, you find that you are skating with old friends and new, with the beautiful urban and rural countryside as the backdrop to this event. And, of course, you are supported along the way, with checkpoints providing fluids and snacks, and a place to sit down for a bit and smell the roses.

So come out and skate. All are welcome whether you are on quads or inlines, custom made or stock, 8 to 80 years old. Form a paceline, skate alone, slow or fast, enjoy the countryside or our relaxing checkpoints. The roads beckon you to challenge them and yourselves.

Register now at and take advantage of our "early bird" special for the first 150 skaters. Field limit this year is 1,200 skaters.

Donations will be accepted for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
A2A 2006 - Confirmed Skater List

Athens to Atlanta 25th Anniversary Event
Sunday, October 1, 2006
Confirmed Skaters as of February 16, 2006

 2006 - Confirmed Skater List
A2A gatorback pavement may be no more
A2Aで悪名高いところが「gatorback」・・・10キロ弱の舗装が風化したデコボコ路です。一昨年のオリエンテーションで「200メートルほど舗装された」と発表され、会場が大拍手!。そんなところが全面舗装されたと聞きました。現地まで確認に行くそうですから、真偽は追って発表します。(Mar. 15, 2006) : A2A gatorback pavement may be no more out!
RaceReportsNet : Ultra Long Distance
RaceReportsNet : Training for A2A

10キロを30分30秒で滑る41歳のスケーターが1月から書いている練習履歴です。 : Long Road to Atlanta: A2A Training Log out!
A2A Newsletter (Athens to Atlanta Road Skate)

For those who may still be asking, yes, we are definitely on for this year! There has been a lot of concern given last year's difficulties, and we just wanted to reassure everyone that we are really on for this year!

Our registration price goes up again on Friday, September 1st. Why not register today so you don't forget as we approach the hustle and bustle of the Labor Day Holiday weekend? We wouldn't want you to miss out!

Online registration is available here:

And a printable entry form is available here:

If you are sending in a printable entry form it must be postmarked by August 31st to take advantage of the lower price.

We urgently need volunteers to help out this year. Positions are available Thursday September 28th through Monday October 2nd, as well as some pre-event positions beginning immediately. We have a list of available jobs here:

To volunteer, please contact Stephanie Reeves at or and indicate when and where you will be available.

We have reserved hotel rooms in Athens at special rates. Please see below. I am working on finalizing one more hotel for Saturday night and will be able to announce it soon.

The cutoff date for these rooms is Friday, September 8th, so please book as soon as possible.

Friday night and/or Saturday night in Athens:
Holiday Inn
197 E. Broad St.
Athens, GA 30603
Call 706-549-4433 or 1-800-HOLIDAY, ask for code "ATH"
Prices range from $95-$115 depending on room

Saturday night ONLY in Athens (you can book Friday at the regular rate):
This is a BRAND NEW HOTEL right beside the starting line (for those who like to sleep in 'till 7:15 :-> )
Hilton Garden Inn
390 E. Washington Street
Athens, GA 30603
Special rate $129, parking is $8
Mention "Athens to Atlanta Skating Marathon"

We are getting a lot of inquiries from those who registered early but did not reserve a seat on the bus, and would like to do so now.

If you registered already but did not make a bus reservation, and you wish to do so now, please send a check for $20 per person to A2A, Box 8155, Atlanta, GA 31106. Make the check payable to "GIRSA Inc." and include your name and address and which bus you are interested in (Friday night, Sunday 5 a.m., or Sunday evening).

Your check must be postmarked by Friday, September 15th to be guaranteed a spot.

Please send any registration changes to

We would like to thank the following sponsors and advertisers who have been confirmed for the 2006 season.

Skate Free or Die!
Inline Warehouse
Gatorback Skate
Schreffler Chiropractic
Skater's Quest
Pyro Apparel
Kathie Fry
Willie's Mexicana Grill
Tru Rev
WR Solutions

We have a few more big ones on the way and will announce them as soon as they are finalized. If you are interested in sponsorship for the 2006 season please contact

To unsubscribe, please contact This is NOT an automated service, please allow time for us to respond to your request.

Preferred mailing address: Box 8155, Atlanta, GA 31106
Street address: 3460 Kingsboro Rd NE #730, Atlanta, GA 30326
Phone: +1 404-806-7251

Email questions about the event to:
Registration changes:

See you on October 1st, 7:30 a.m. sharp!

Scott M. Jones

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006
25th A2A Event schedule
5:30pm - 6:30pm - Pre-order burritos, etc., at Willy's Mexicana Grill (and thank them for being a sponsor), 12th and Piedmont by Skate Escape
6:30pm - 8:15pm - Friday Night Skate!!! (12th & Piedmont)
8:15pm - 9:00pm - Pick up burritos, board bus if you are registered
9:00pm - bus leaves for Athens
noon - 6pm - Preregistration at the Classic Center, 300 N. Thomas Street, Athens, GA
4:00pm - 5:30pm - Fun roll in downtown Athens
6:00pm - MANDATORY pre-skate meeting
7:30am - 87/38 mile start in front of the Classic Center, Athens
10:00am - 52 mile start on Hi Hope Road, Lawrenceville, Georgia
6:00pm - Awards Ceremony, Grady High School Auditorium, 929 Charles Allen Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia

Skate, skate, skate!!!
(Posted Sep 26, 2006)


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