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当初、101gとアナウンスされていたBONTのWayv 100のサンプルが99gと更に軽く成りました。At first, they said Wayv 100 is 101 grams but final sample is only 99 grams. The wheels will be available early next year.

Wayv 100mm Final sample is only 99 grams
 Wayv wheel now only 99 grams
Star Wheels Race-Wheel 100 mm (clear) - 106g
Star Wheels Race-Wheel 100 mm (Metalic) - 108g
HYPER NEUTRON - 100mm Wheel 85A - 119g
Matter 100mm F1 - 608 Hollow Core - 124g
Matter 100mm F1 - 608 Hollow Core - 125g
Matter 100mm F2 - 608 Hollow Core - 125g
HYPER XTR - 100mm Wheel 84A - 133g
HYPER STRIPE 100 Wheel (100mm/84A) - 134g
HYPER MACH 2 - 100mm Wheel 84A - 136g
Bont Skates Message Board and News : Wayv wheel now only 99 grams (2005/11/29 10:06)

 Wayv wheel
The white urethane wheel is made in USA and the black hub is made in Sydney.

Inline Skating Notebook : Wayv 100mm and 90mm Wheel
 Wayv wheel
Inline Skating Notebook : Bont Wayv Wheel is ready
Bont 100mm Wayv Wheel review

I have been anxiously waiting to try out the new Bont Wayv 100mm wheels. I got some about a week ago and got to try them for the first time this past Saturday on a 27 mile group skate we do every weekend. Below is my impressions. They are definitely one of the better 100mm wheels for racing. Whether they are best is probably individual preference or it depends on the course.

Note about me: I have been speedskating for 10 years and have been on a 4x100 set up for the past 3 months (last year was a 5x90). I have tried the following 100mm wheels so far to compare these against: Green Hyper Mach 2's, Star Grips, Red Matters, and Revteks. I am a larger skater at 185 lbs, live in Florida (have been skating a lot outdoors all winter) and generally like harder wheels. I tried almost all flavors of 90mm wheels last year including the Bont Cragar 88's which were my favorite of those.

The very good:
1. They are light (measured at 105g same as Star Grips, but not the 102g as advertised) and accelerate easily on flats and hills. They accelerate like Star Grips and better than Hypers, Revteks and Matters. I did a downgrade, tailwind aided sprint up to 31mph (measured on my gps) which is as fast as I ever gone on this particular trail stretch.
2. They feel VERY grippy, probably due to the 82A wheel. Much grippier than Star Grips and Red Matters. I haven't tried the green matters which are also supposed to grip well. They feel like they would probably be a great "wet" wheel even though I fortunately didn't have to try this.
3. They ride well over rough due to the soft urethane

The above average:
4. They roll very well but probably not quite as well as the red matters. The red matters are a little more difficult to get up to speed (being heavier) but seem to roll a little better once at speed (also probably because they are heavier). The Bonts roll as well as the Star grips and better than the Revteks and Hypers.
5. They feel more stable than star grips since they are standard 24mm width and not a narrow profile 22mm of the Star Grips..they felt great and stable while doing the above mentioned sprint..

The below average:
6. The had noticible wear after only one skate. I took a millimeter off the back wheels in 27 miles even on the skate I don't T-stop with. I am hard on wheels but this was noticably more than the others I have tried

A very good race wheel, not a great training wheel (due to the wear). I'll probably use them for A2A (for the light weight, ride, and grip) and St Paul (for the uphill finish). Not sure about Duluth, might use red/green Matters instead to get the little extra roll.

For me an 83a or a 84a version could be even better

by gless (Posted - May 01 2006)
RaceReportsNet : Bont 100mm Wayv Wheel review
Testing is going on at the moment.

Most probably be released as a 110mm wheel.

alx (Posted: Jan. 30, 2007)
Bont Skates Message Board and News : Wayv wheel update


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