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より詳しい開発コンセプトがBONTから説明されました。要は195mmマウントによる不都合な面・・195mmだとマウント間に架かる負担が大きく、ソールがウィールに接触するほど歪む、それを安易に補強しようとすればブーツもフレームも共に重くなってしまう・・・などが明らかに成った訳です。そこで、よりブーツ高を低げられるマウント幅を202mmに広げた「3 mounting point boot system」の利点を生かし、強度を保ちつつフレームとブーツ双方の軽量化を図っているそうです。

3 mounting point Prototype boots specs
Deck Height : 33.5mm
Deck Height from ground : 83.5mm
Seperation : 218mm
Mid mount : 109mm
Weight : 930g (with Wayv 100mm Wheels)

  The 195mm setup has posed some problems this year. The low mounting blocks and further distance between the mounting blocks means the carbon is flatter and more flexible. With only 1mm gap between the wheel and boot, the boot has been flexing and rubbing on the wheel. This is easy to solve just add another 2 pieces of carbon. But carbon absorbs resin and this ads weight to the boot. Weight is the enemy.
  By making a super low frame and building more curves into the carbon of the frame, we have increased its strength. By adding a third mounting point we were able to remove carbon from the boot making it lighter since the base now has less stress on it and less flex. By adding a third mounting point to the frame, the frame could also be made lighter. We also took the 10mm rise out of the frame and added it to the rear block of the boot. Yes, we are looking at introducing a 202mm boot separation which allows us to make the foot lower to the ground than with 195mm.
  The skate I am holding in that picture is 930 grams, or an amazing 300 grams lighter than normal.
  Worldwide patents are pending on the 3 mounting point boot system, the frame design and the wayv hub.

alx Posted - 2005 Sep 14 : 03:27:19 AM

Bont 3 point mounting system

In 2006, Bont will release a new 3 point mounting system to overcome problems that have come to light in 2005 with the 190mm and 195mm mounting separation for 100mm skates. The problem is that skaters want their feet to be as low to the ground as possible when they are skating which means the distance between the frame mounting blocks on the boot need to increase in distance to fit between the wheels. When we increase this gap to 195mm, there is the tendency for the carbon fiber base of the boot to flex causing the second wheel to rub on the boot. To solve this problem we can either increase the distance between the wheel and the boot from 1mm to 2mm making the skaters foot higher off the ground, or increase the amount of carbon fiber in the boot. More carbon means the boot will be heavier as the carbon absorbs more resin. Hence the reason we came up with the 3 point system with a lower frame deck height. The lower deck height gives more curves to the carbon boot base. The third mounting point means we can remove carbon from the boot instead of increase it making the boot lighter. The boot will have new lighter weight mounting blocks. The frame now also has more support from the boot so a lighter frame can be made. The new Bont S-frame (Space Frame) prototype weighs just 126 grams. Now that the boot has an extra support we can increase the frame mounting separation past 195mm to the optimal mounting distance for each frame length. Expect to see frames fit perfectly between the wheels with separations longer than 210mm. Bont has applied for a worldwide patent on the 3 point system which covers the boot and the frame. Bont will license the frame technology to other manufacturers. The combination of the 3 point Vaypor boot, S-frame, and Wayv wheel will make Bont’s 2006 skate approximately 300 grams lighter than the 2005 skate. Release date: January/February 2006

The first official picture of the deck height of the new setup
 BONT with S-Frames
BONT社のフレーム製品比較した写真を見ると低さは「3 mount」に軍配が上がりそうです。以前から説明された通り、3 point frameはヒール部分をカットしたフラットデッキ 、逆に3 mount bootsはヒール部分を継ぎ足した、3 point frame専用と成ります。100mm、110mmに特化した限定モデルと言えます。価格未定ですが「3 mountブーツ」は2006年初めからオーダー受け付け予定。 Production will start in January or February.

alx Posted - 2005 Nov 9 : 9:27 AM

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Wayv 100mm and 90mm Wheel
Magnesium S-frame

BONT 3マウント Prototypeに使われるS−フレームは105gだそうです。強度を上げた195mmの2マウント用 Magnesium S-frameが126g。

Bont Skates Message Board and News : Bont Magnesium S-frame only 126 grams !!
(10/26/05 3:34 pm)
今春、紹介されたBONT 3マウント Prototypeはこんなブーツです。
ちなみに、このBont Inferno II 100mm frameはBont Assassin 4x100 Complete Skatesとして販売中。

2005/08/31(Wed) 9:20


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